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Sacred Triangle

In quantum thinking, the sum total of the unity is greater than each individual part. The Sacred Triangle is representative of a unity of consciousness that comes from three separate forces. These are forces that, when united, become powerful beyond each individual separate force.

The Sacred Triangle is representative of the three spiritual energies that are melding together for the Ascension and planetary healing: the Arcturians and other higher Galactic Beings, the Ascended Masters/White Brotherhood-Sisterhood, and the indigenous peoples, including the Native Americans.

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Our Vision

We are a growing spiritual meditation group creating personal and planetary healing for the Earth and its inhabitants to insure the longevity of our beautiful planet. This includes seeking ways to sustain the biosphere and raising the overall consciousness of humanity towards fifth dimensional healing.

The Mission of the Group of Forty


Arcturian Definition of ASCENSION: A point of transformation reached through the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. The unification of the bodies allows one to transcend the limits of the 3rd dimension and move into a higher realm. It has been compared to what is called the Rapture in Christian theology. It has also been defined as a spiritual acceleration of consciousness, which allows the soul to return to the higher realms and thus is freed form the cycle of karma and rebirth.

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